About Me

Hey guys
     It's Paige I'm pretty much your average 26 year old girl from Sunny California. For those of you might know me I ask that this remains a secrete between the both of us. What I'm about to talk about is something very personal for me. So with that said, and for those of you who are maybe meeting me for the first time I'm just going to say it. I love to wear diapers! from Pampers Cruisers size7 (yes I can still fit into them) to adult diapers. Yes this might sound strange, weird, gross or even disgusting to you, but I ask that as you read this that you open your mind.
    As some of you might know I was adopted from Seoul Korea. I was given up for adoption at the time of birth by my birth mom. Now this is where I believe and many phycologist believe that during those first few month of my life this is where my need to wear diapers stems from. Being that I wasn't ever truley given the chance to properly bond with any sort of motherly figure during those first 11 month of my life that the only thing I found comfort and security in was not that of a persons arms wrapped around me, but learned to find the since of security and comfort in wearing diapers.
     To this day I can remember always wanting to wear diapers from as little as preschool. it wasn't until I was in the sixth grade that I finally purchased my very first package of adult diapers. 
Thanks for your time